Brett Wiscons

Brett Wiscons

Brett Wiscons

The Heineken Sessions Deluxe

MAD Diamond Entertainment

Born in Illinois, raised in Indiana, and a last name two letters short of a superior state – hmmm… This guy does have a solid Midwestern voice and tone. It’s not the stereotype of a NPR radio show but he sounds like the folks I grew up with. Musically, he’s firmly in the power pop domain; “Sarazona” has a nice, rough edged guitar sound. It underlies his promising voice and talks about unrequited love for a hot, hot babe from Tucson.

He picks up some female vocal support from Anne Balbo for “Don’t Be The One That Got Away.” That track feels more lovey-dovey pop, and the two make for such a vocally nice couple. Brett is most at home with an acoustic guitar, and he writes songs about guys who can’t seem to catch a girl no matter what. Still, you cheer for these lovable losers; “Indian Summer” talks about county fairs and coming home, alone. “Side Stage” is a great rocking tune, it’s his mandatory “working up the rock and roll ladder” number, and it has the classic line “Would it be cool if we park the van between your bus and the Porta John?” That’s basic roots rock there; Wiscons sings and plays and writes with heart, and it all comes together in this tight little ten song set.

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