Pari San

Pari San

Pari San

Frozen Time

Jirafa Records / Pari San

Good music floats on the collaboration between opposing forces; here Berliner Paul Branning hooks up with Iranian vocalist Pari Eskandari for a five track EP. The underling beats are sonically slow and occasionally pause allowing some sort of mental reverberation to fade away but when the music starts, so do the lyrics.

Sung in clear English, they leaves behind vapor trails of imagery of urban life and urban love, and in many ways they re-echo the romantic thought of early 1960s pop music and sweat infused 1974 disco. Odd little electronic chords pop in and out; Eskandri’s haunting voice saves itself for critical passages, and the music she’s bedded down with maintains the sort of direction and intensity you find in a long haul trucker on that sixth day of driving. These are love songs for those who are not looking for commitment; the whole disc should make you romantically as wary as meeting a dark figure in a back alley.;

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