The Book Of Wind

Glacial Movements

Finding a fixed point to discuss ambient music is always a challenge, but this project by Alexander Glück offers some guidance with the titles to these 14 track of quiet, introspective numbers. Way back in the Old Testament there’s an interesting passage that points out God is not in the spectacular displays of thunderstorm or earth quake, but rather in the quiet whisper of the breeze. Gluck takes that idea and presents some of the quietest, smallest and most relaxing noises possible. Tracks run together; and you’ll not catch the difference between “Until He Reached the Mountain” and “But God Was Not in the Fire” without looking at the track list.

An occasional chime sounds a lowly note, a synthesized voice emits a slowly modulated aspiration, and the sound and fury implicit in track names like “A Powerful Storm Tore The Mountain Apart” and “After The Earth Quake Came A Fire.” While they sound like a lead story on CNN they aim to relaxing and generate reflection. This is ambience, pure and simple and quiet. Breathe it in, and contemplate your own salvation.

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