Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize

Rebel Frequency

Rootfire Cooperative / Baco Records

Rebel Frequency is a welcome blast of throbbing bass and spikey guitars. Rize is an Australian musician and producer who is well versed in reggae roots music. Rebel Frequency is tuned into the wavelength of classic reggae, while at the same time continuing an experimental, hybridization begun years ago by the Slits, New Age Steppers and more recently Matisyahu. It’s reggae for shaking off complacency and shaking ass.

In some ways, the album is a restatement of themes that we’ve heard before; “One People” calls to mind “One Love” for example. I can’t fault her for that though because themes of unity, standing up for what is right and empowerment need to be heard. And while there may be a degree of familiarity, Rize does bring her own voice and sonic explorations to the tunes. Every generation needs to have their own voice articulating these age-old needs. I’m happy to hear Nattali Rize pick up the torch.

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