Breakneck Julius Caesar

Breakneck Julius Caesar

Breakneck Julius Caesar
Created by and featuring Tim Mooney
Based on a play by William Shakespeare
Dangerous Theater, Sanford, FL

Long, wordy, and bloody: three words that describe many of The Bard’s greatest works. But today, only the “Bloody” feature attracts people, and traveling classicist Tim Moony exploits that selling point in this zippy one man show. Julius Caesar was a war hero, and that counts in politics no matter what era you live in. While JC was well loved his popularity caused jealousy, and soon nearly every important man in Rome whose name began with the letter “C” teams up against him. Stabbing, speechifying and political disasters all pour forth like the dozen of bleeding wounds on Caesar’s body.

Mr. Mooney has perfected the abbreviated Shakespearean tragedy. Setting himself a one hour time limit, he handles multiple characters with subtle shifts in his all-powerful toga. Plot lines are compresses, motivation compared to modern politics, yet all the good speeches remain: “I come not to praise Caesar…,” “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves…,” and the classic “Et tu, Brute?” All good stuff, and there’s plenty of crowd interaction as we yell “Huzza!” and other pithy quotes to speed the show along. This performance is highly recommended, especially for those involved in pushing Shakespeare into young minds. One teacher quipped “You did in one hour what it takes me five weeks to teach!” And best of all, there are no tests.

For more information on Dangerous Theatre, please visit Please note Dangerous Theatre operates in both Sanford, FL and Denver CO.

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