Her Harbour

Her Harbour

Her Harbour

Go Gently Into the Night

E-Tron Records

Once this was “New Age”, but now it’s just an extremely calming musical experience with a distant ethereal female vocal and a small smattering of musical notes that feel more like a guided meditation than a concert. Gabrielle Giguère hails from Canada and sings angelically. Her back up is a collection of odd instruments like “Bowed Bells” and an old autoharp. Her vocals form a mysterious parchment over this soundscape; there’s a distinct note of life passing away. Example: “Memento Mori” was inscribed on tombstones a century ago, it means “Remember death.” Here it’s a track that adds a sense of morose finality to the collection, even though it’s in the middle of the experience. “In Nude, in Fog and River” seeps along like a mist rolling down to a cold lake, it’s an evening that might never end for this songstress.

Her songs are full of space, and the press release that came with this download included commentary in French and a pull quote from “Brooklyn Vegan”, a music mag I have yet to see on a news stand. Calm beyond words, this is the sort of sound you need to cool off after a harsh commute or an hour of listening to national news.


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