Bad Company

Bad Company

Bad Company

Run with the Pack / Burnin’ Sky

Rhino / Swan Song

Given director Cameron Crowe’s penchant for, and personal connection to the iconic rock scene of the 1970s, it wasn’t surprising when the fictional band featured in his award-winning 2000 film, Almost Famous, bore a strong stylistic resemblance to Bad Company – right down to the “out-of-focus guy” T-shirt design. Considered by many as second only to Led Zeppelin in terms of royal rock hierarchy, the British super-group truly rates legendary status. And as a result, the recently released expanded editions of the band’s platinum-selling catalog are must-haves for dedicated fans worldwide.

The two latest re-issues, the self-produced Run with the Pack (#5 – 1976) and Burnin’ Sky (#15 – 1977) arrived earlier this summer – both as deluxe, double-record sets. Disc One of each set is a re-mastered version of the original chart-busting classic, while the second discs each boast an array of demo, alternative and outtake versions of various tracks, including such FM staples and beloved fan favorites as “Live for the Music,” “Simple Man,” “Honey Child,” “Love Me Somebody,” “Run with the Pack” and “Silver, Blue & Gold” (Run with the Pack) / “Burnin’ Sky,” “Heartbeat” and “Too Bad” (Burnin’ Sky)

Delightful treats indeed, these re-vamped sets are faithful reminders of just how magical the original Bad Company was (and still is) – the honest warmth of Paul Rodgers’ vocals, the guitar grit of Mick Ralphs, and the solid, soulful rhythm section of drummer Simon Kirke and bassist Boz Burrell – and what timeless music the band created.

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