Hugh Masterson

Hugh Masterson

Hugh Masterson

Lost + Found

Rock Ridge Music

This up and coming country singer advertises “Nashville Based”, but his bio points out he came from a town in Wisconsin so small and up state I never heard of it. His origins in the land of polkas and deer hunting hasn’t damaged his high energy rock and roll style of country music; he’s got a strong grasp on a New Country vocal style, a vague southern accent, and decent song writing skills.

This EP is his first release and the title track “Lost + Found” is charmer: he lost a girl, moved to Milwaukee, and got mugged. Not EXACTLY a Texas story, but its enough of tale to fill 3:37 with an urgent guitar, a, mysterious lyric, and a sense of impending dread and destruction. Later on, “Small Town” takes a slower retrospective look at another lost opportunity and another failed relation. I sense a pattern here, but then happy people don’t make great art. Six tight tunes here, this guy sounds like he has some promise, and now that he’s in a real recording studio and feel ready to fly.;

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