Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Echo Papa

Buzzy, poppy, synthy, and gloriously authentic, record #4 from the acclaimed Boston-based outfit, Air Traffic Controller is easily one of the year’s most uniquely engaging treasures. Driven by co-founding singer / songwriters, Dave Munro and Casey Sullivan, and produced by go-to guru, Bleu, the seven-song set offers a stylistic banquet brimming with varied aural confections.

Alluring, while perfectly jarring, the lead-off track “After Party” transports us from our comfy personal earbud zones and places us at an awkward and uncomfortable late night soirée – one that has gone somewhat askew in the wee hours. Upbeat, and catchy as the dickens, “Live In” boasts a bagful of positive inspiration, dangling from a tanker-sized hook. Other golden highlights include Munro’s super-infectious earworm, “Go Time” and Sullivan’s irresistible electro-charged, “Keeping Bees” – both of which blast fresh air across the increasingly stale indie-pop landscape.

But, it’s the acoustic-flavored, record-closer, “It’s You” that stands tallest among this pack of formidable contenders. Oozing transparent relational tension, this Munro / Sullivan / Bleu-penned composition is truly a delightful treat. “Look at us here between a rock and a hard place. You know there’s nothing about me that ever really you’re gonna change. I’m sick as a dog of you accusing me. We’ll always be a puzzle with a missing piece please.” Doggonit, man – that’s good stuff!

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