Epilogues For The End Of The Sky

Glacial Movements

“Shhhhh! I think the good part is just about to…no, not yet….” I constantly have that thought in mind as I chill out thought Brock Van Wey’s latest acoustic experiment. There’s enough audio here to fill an entire CD (should you measure things by that quaint standard) and all of it brews a strong cup of expectation with little sense of release after its over. Track titles are rather poetic: “On Deaf Hearts Your Prayers They Fall” and “Your Painted Armor Aches to Crack” and “Clouds Besiege What You Remain” are all interesting titles here, and we all know what it feels like to be besieged by clouds. Van Wey does as well, and he is an expert at laying in a siege composed of little more than mist and vapor.

These tracks offer soundscapes, they offer ambiguity, yet they offer little in the way of rhythm. Van Wey eschews melody, scorns harmony, and slows rhythm until it loses a race to continental drift. But when they excel Van Wey expands timbre, challenges form, and brings audio texture to a high art form. His lyrics aspirate the breath of the damned, his message informs you to chill out already, and his timbre is the eternal longing of the human soul. Yeah, its weird, spaced out music, but it feels like a revelation.

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