Grindr – The Opera

Grindr – The Opera

Grindr – The Opera
Book, Music and Lyrics by Erik Ransom
Directed by Tim Evanicki
Footlights Theater
Orlando, FL

Tonight, Grinder is no mere app, but instead an elegant drag queen (Alexi Barrios) with shoulder length red satin gloves covered in genuine 14 carat rhinestones. We meet four men who will fall under her digital spell: Don (Chris Eastwood) has money and faith but cruises on business trips. His Grindr connection tonight is Jack (Eric Fagan), a young man eager to have sex and open to anything, or so he thinks. Dr. Devon (Tim Garnham) hasn’t dated in ages, and he connects with Tom (Wes Miles) who swings long term and short. There’s plenty of conflict here as Jack learns he really does have limits (strangulation is NOT a turn on). Tom and Devon test the limits of fidelity, and suffer through the same problems straight couples often experience. This sung through musical flies along with a strong book and even stronger songwriting. The ensemble opens with the loveable “Manhunt” but Jack soon follows with the un-stoppable hit of the evening. I’d rather not print the title here, but I’ll point out it is song #6 in your program. Nod, nod, wink, wink. Say no more. Some music is new, some riffs off classics like “YMCA” and any number of disco hits from dance floors around the world. It’s a shame this show has such a short run due to weather, so try and catch it this weekend before its gone for good. I won’t say its good CLEAN fun, but it it’s always good off-color fun.

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