David Ramirez

David Ramirez

David Ramirez

We’re Not Going Anywhere

Right from the opening bars of the New York City lament “Twins”, with its sparse, atmospheric guitar lines and reverb-heavy vocals, it’s clear We’re Not Going Anywhere is something of a departure for singer-songwriter, David Ramirez.

It’s a bold, adventurous approach for an artist who hasn’t strayed too far from the traditional guitar/piano template on his previous records, but by the time the brooding and brilliant “Watching From a Distance” gets into groove with a throbbing backbeat, hypnotizing synthesizer and urgent vocal it’s an approach that pays dividends.

“People Call Who They Wanna Talk To” demonstrates Ramirez’s lyrical economy and his knack for a catchy hook, while the evocative “Time” powerfully captivates with a simple piano riff and plaintive vocal. The country-tinged “Good Heart” is a highlight and shows the direction producer Sam Kassirer has prompted Ramirez to explore with such confidence, while “Eliza Jane”, telling the story of Ramirez’s great-grandmother’s life proves that he has lost none of his vivid storytelling power despite exploring new musical territory.

All in all, We’re Not Going Anywhere is a triumph of creative vision and bravery, pushing Ramirez’s undoubted talent to new areas of possibility. Bravo.


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