Curtis X. Meyer – Ascent Into Madness

Curtis X. Meyer – Ascent Into Madness

Curtis X. Meyer – Ascent Into Madness
The Dangling Spotlight Series
Featuring Curtis X. Meyer
October 3, 2017
Dangerous Theater
Sanford, FL

The spacious Dangerous Theater just added a new series of events. Along with the quirky theatrical presentations, there’s now a monthly “Spotlight Artist” series beginning tonight with local spoken word artist Curtis X. Meyer. With his burning eyes and persistent cough, he looks and breaths the image of a man with something to say, and there’s no way to stop him. We heard 12 pieces, mostly concerned with equality and all displaying a curiosity and drive that classes him with people who grab your lapel and keep talking at you until you fake a coronary to escape.

We begin with some praise of the developer of the modem condenser microphone. A seemingly small bit of progress, but one that affects all of us. “Ruminations of Wonder Woman” and her comic book history, stories about his youth (dad was a high official of Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” and the family motto was: “Weird pays the bills”), and his skill of recognizing auto tune all pull us in. Meyer’s best material talked about the metal state of Martin Luther King but he pulled off a genuine crescendo with a long, energetic rumination on the 1938 Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall concert. This show force-fed Modern Jazz to an audience that was not prepared for its musical excesses. It was a striking show, and he brings it alive without any instrument save his voice. You missed a great evening back in 1938, just as you missed this great performance tonight. Maybe you should get out more often…

For more information on Dangerous Theater (of Central Florida) check They run another operation in Denver, CO so pay attention to what location the tickets are for.

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