Quadro Nuevo / Cairo Steps

Quadro Nuevo / Cairo Steps

Quadro Nuevo / Cairo Steps

Flying Carpet

Justin Time

Flying Carpet is the product of two groups coming together to explore, appreciate and learn from each other. Quadro Nuevo is a German chamber folk band that scans the world to learn and interpret folk music traditions. Cairo Steps are from Egypt and explore Sufi musical and mystical traditions. The two groups joined together for a series of concerts in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour. Flying Carpet is the fruit of this union.

Flying Carpet is a bit of an aural fantasy journey. At times, the combined group sounds like the Cirque Du Soleil house band doing an unplugged session. At other points the hit a granola jazz groove similar to the Paul Winter Consort or Oregon. Yet other songs evoke dervish ritual and Klezmer street parties. The set ends with a version of Eric Satie’s “Gnossienne No. 2” that highlights the soaring vocal acrobatics of Sheikh Ehab Younis. Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps are making music to show that people of different backgrounds and faiths can come together with mutual respect and admiration. It is a small example of an alternative way of seeing the world. A world where collaboration is valued above competition and creativity drives understanding.


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