Dangerous Theater, Sanford FL

A-Lone Conceived and performed by Winnie Wenglewick Dangerous Theater Sanford FL

We all have stories, our friends and relatives have stories, and while they intertwine to make us a society sometimes these stories get lost. Tonight’s it’s Ms. Wenglewick’s turn to tell us her stories, and we each chose a relative of hers. My role was a grandfather, but sisters and children and the strays we all collect were opinions. The premise had her half in the bag on Christmas eve, and we were all part of forgotten party invites. Religious differences, rare diseases, common life screw ups, racism and gender questions, all the usual stuff, but it’s her usual stuff. Highlights included faking a bear attack, and her son’s definition of what “spending the day together” means in the digital age. But keep this in mind: it’s not just a fun, personal show, but they have the best price on booze at any venue in town; it’s open bar serve yourself. Now THAT’S a happy holiday!

For more information on Dangerous Theatre, please visit DangerousTheatre.com/. Please note Dangerous Theatre operates in both Sanford, FL and Denver CO.



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