Archikulture Digest is moving!

In the next few days, Archikulture Digest will migrate from its present location at to the front page of Ink 19 This is due to some technical updates to the Ink19 website, but it will better integrate our Central Florida Theater coverage with Ink19’s extensive music and film coverage. All the existing blog postings to date will still be available and their links will update to reflect new URL. If you follow Carl F. Gauze’s Archikultural Digest, please update your bookmarks to the location. If you have questions, please contact us via “Carl F. Gauze” in Facebook.

Ink19 was founded 25 years ago as a monthly print vehicle covering the music scene around Melbourne, FL. It focused on live concerts and contemporary music release, but it also covered film, books, and other events. In 2000 Ink19 dropped its print format and moved to the new, exciting, and trendy “Internet.” Staff writers were asked to suggest on-line columns, and since the term “blog” did not exist, we called them “Columns” and they used the now familiar “top newest, bottom oldest” blog structure. Later these columns moved to WordPress which did allowed the post specific links you know and love.

As to the title, ” Archikulture Digest” punned on the magazine ” Archikulture Digest.” The name choice remains regrettable; no one gets the joke, it’s hard to say and impossible to spell. While the burden of bad humor will evaporate, the commentary will remain the same: Notes and comments on the latest theater events from the vibrant Central Florida art scene.

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