Breakthrough Voices Christmas Concert

Breakthrough Voices Christmas Concert

Breakthrough Theater, Winter Park, FL

OK, here’s the Holiday Kids show you’ve been looking for. Tons of energy, some iffy solos, and a house full of relatives. It’s also the standards; if there’s some musical genra beyond opera stuck with a short playlist, its Christmas. “Beginning to Look…”, Toyland,” Favorite Things and Haul out the Holly” got us going, complete with energetic chorus numbers. We then we segued to solo numbers. These were not as energetic (one young man was barely audible, and I was in row 2.) Highlights here include the rarely heard “Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun” number for “Christmas Story, The Musical” and a weirdly suggestive “Santa, Baby” by Ms. Kelly Stevens. Another check mark goes to Kelly Parsons’s Winter Dream. We went out with “Carol of the Bells,” and the block buster “S.C. Is Coming to Town.” He certainly is, I’ve seen him six times already this week. But Christmas is for the kids, and for any adult material…well, that’s for another time, after the kids have been put to sleep with visions of video games dancing in their head. Merry Christmas, Mario. And to you, too, Zelda. And bless all the little Pokémon spawning behind Publix tonight!;

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