David Whitman

David Whitman

David Whitman

Oh, Clara!

David Whitman is a jazz interpreter whose sounds falls somewhere in between the smooth vibes of contemporary jazz and the organic warmth classic recordings.

His recent studio effort is an album entitled Oh, Clara! This release is an important milestone for the artist, highlighting the width of his musicianship, as well as his ability to seamlessly combine different ideas in a very creative way – remaining sophisticated, yet accessible. Oh, Clara! features in-depth textures, tasteful melodies and laid-back rhythms, with an attention to details and a performance that reveals a really wide dynamic range and a stunning emotional response.

In addition to that, the production value of this release is most certainly worthy of being mentioned. The sound is modern and vibrant, yet textural and warm, bridging the gaps between the clean punch of contemporary productions and the raw edge of old-school releases. This compromise really works, as the record feels expansive and balanced, yet very kaleidoscopic.

Whitman certainly managed to make an impression with this release; you will love this album if you are a fan of heart-warming smooth jazz tunes.


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