Electric Six

Electric Six

Electric Six

How Dare You?

Metropolis Records

These guys are prolific –How Dare You? is Electric Six’s 16th album in 14 years. Their basic sound remains the same even as band members merge in and out of Dick Valentine’s collective. One this collection we see “Two handed Bob” replaces “Percussion World” on rhythm, and all I can say to that is “Kids these days with their wacky names…” But the high energy rock layered over the nonsense lyric style remains, and if you’re a longtime fan there’s none of the “Taking a new artistic direction stuff” that so often signifies the end of what you enjoyed on the first album.

You get a lucky 13 tracks here, ranging from the frenetic opener “Chicken Wine” and its chanting chorus “Beverages! Beverages!” to the rather creepy “A Quiet Man.” “She’s a Forgery” offers an uplifting rhythm and bright, happy lyrics about a false love while “Sex with Somebody” is the sad song about a rich man who can’t get any action even with his own yacht. It’s almost heart breaking, except the part about “Formaldehyde Gloves.” Mr. Valentine is still one of the best lyricists working, and his genius is unencumbered by the need to make much sense, just so long as the words fit the music. I rarely know what this band is really singing about, but its always something that makes me feel better about the world.


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