Ken Dravis

Ken Dravis

Ken Dravis

A Season Of Jenny

With the songs featured on his latest studio effort, singer/songwriter Ken Dravis has managed to accomplish what very few artists can seamlessly achieve. He set out to create a record that’s engaging and enjoyable to listen to yet remarkably close and personal, almost feeling like taking a peek into the artist’s private notebook, scouring deeper into his thoughts, hopes, and dreams of love.

The romantic nature of this album could indeed be quite apparent to most listeners, even before listening to a single note. The title of the CD already hints at romantic content, and the songs follow suit with suave melodies and honest lyrics from Dravis.

Hailing from Colorado, Dravis set out to perfect his groundbreaking combination of introspective, lush, and melodic tones. On cuts such as opening number “Start With Her Heart,” Dravis reveals his most earnest songwriting side with some of the most spontaneous and genuine lyrics that I had the chance to hear in quite a while. As someone who dabbles a bit into songwriting myself, I can tell you that it is not easy to be so truthful and open about some of your deepest feelings, especially when you know that many other people – even strangers, are eventually going to listen to your music! However, Dravis opened up his heart with no fear of judgement, and the result is a record that feels like talking to an old friend. The record is constructed in such a way that the album sounds familiar, yet refreshingly innovative, going for a really special vibe.

Dravis’ hopelessly romantic lyrics make me think of the work of artists such as Nick Drake and Ryan Adams, with a truly honest feel that makes every song extremely easy to relate to. A good example? Take a song such as “I Just Can’t Say I Love You Any…more.” The title and the lyrics of this beautiful piece are absolutely self-explanatory, setting the tone for the track and acting as a perfect curtain closer for this phenomenal effort.

Ultimately, Ken Dravis managed to wrap up an album that stands out as a solid testament that artists can accomplish a lot when they are not afraid to open up and share their innermost desires and dreams with their audience.

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