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Noah Pred

Noah Pred



If you ever look at our keyword tags, I’ll point out the one I snagged from Noah Pred’s press release: “… rugged dubby workouts.” I have no idea what that means, but it sounds wonderful and I love the way it sounds. What I hear here is a fast, intense electronic sound of short quick loops, typewriter-like rhythmic accents, and simple repetitive signatures. No vocals, no pretense of songcraft, just ambient urgent not-quite danceable music for the club gores who stand stock still and look down on those boogieing on the dance floor. Think: “How would I dance while holding a full appletini glass and not spill a precious overpriced drop?” Pred’s titles are succinct and low key as well: “Vulpine” “Mantissa” and “ Concrescence” all suggest a general direction but never a specific destination.

I don’t see how a vocal track would enhance this electronic derived theater experience, but it seems to me Pred has positioned his sound right where it needs to be: Urgent, mysterious and electronic, all while tossing in an offhanded “I just knocked this up, give it a spin and let me know where to tuck it in.” Nowhere, Noah. Its great just as it stands.

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