Created by B. J. Clinton

Breakthrough Theater

Winter Park, FL

It’s so easy in this business to only know people through their stage work, and never learn their backstory. Clinton grew up in a small crossroad town somewhere rural Missouri and was the only male cheer leader in 70 miles. That was an early indicator of where his life might head, and his budding sexuality didn’t make small town life any easier. Mom had a taste for drugs, booze and abusive men, and Mr. Clinton did not escape the fall out. But he’s here tonight, and he tells his story through the voice of Daphne, his alter ego. Daphne loves Brittany Spears music, and the show is full of 00’s female pop tunes I cannot for the life of me identity. But he attacks them with gusto, and he even carries two backup dancers and costume hands on stage with him (Aurius West and Edibel Perez). The music is loud, and he’s got some skills at lip syncing, but its his story that grabs you. Some of it’s the usual failed romances or the general awkwardness of gaydom in small town America, but most of the tale digs into the deeper “Why am I here and what the hell am I supposed to do on weekends? “question. Hook ups and let downs, that’s the theme here. Daphne may not be the best drag shows I’ve seen but it’s by far the sincerest. There’s a good chance you’ll cry at the end, but if you standup and applaud no one will notice.


http://www.breakthroughtheatre.com; www.facebook.com/pages/Breakthrough-Theatre-of-Winter-Park

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