The Breakthrough Voices Spring Concert

The Breakthrough Voices Spring Concert

The Breakthrough Voices Spring Concert

Breakthrough Theater

It’s time to sing a few songs, and this young cast tackles some distinctly difficult material. While ensemble number bracket the evening, the emphasis is on solo performances, some of which stretch these young voices to their limit. By far the best solo came from Andy Ayup who nailed the challenging “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from “Funny Girl.” He may not be a single woman looking for Mr. Right, but he sang this number like Mr. Right Now. Another high point was Eliana Chan’s “This is Me.”

The adult supervision here came from Demetrios Inmon (“Tell Her”) and Lexy Adams (“Fly, Fly Away”) from “Catch Me If You Can.” While these stood out, the ensemble numbers worked best tonight. The “Stay Tuned Medley” that opened the second act was particularly good even if the shows these kids sang about were off the air before their parents could even date. The Disney opener also shined, and the dual “Our American Medley” and “Armed Forces Medley” made a great up-beat punch out to the first act. And how many of you even know there’s a Coast Guard theme song? While some voices were stretched beyond their limits, this was a fun and upbeat evening, even with the permitted cell phone filming. Sit up front if you don’t want to view proud parents recording tonight for posterity.

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