Ask The Sexpert

Ask The Sexpert

Ask The Sexpert

directed by Vaishali Sinha

starring Mahinder Watsu

Coast to Coast Films

I’ll never drink hot tea on an Indian restaurant again, and I’ll get to why in a bit. Dr. Mahinder Watsu is India’s leading expert on sex; his column in a Bombay paper every day helps people with strange questions and provides useful advice and reassurances that aren’t really that weird. Like Dr. Ruth, his advice works partly because he knows what he’s talking about, and partly because he’s 91 and cute as a bug. He even has a nemesis, the arch conservative Ms. Pratibha who is opposed to any sexual advice for children of any age. Pratibha chases him thought he byzantine subcontinental court system, accusing him of pornography because he dares to print the “P word” and the “V word”. Watsu encourages self-exploration, and neither adultery nor homosexuality get the condemnation Pratibha thinks they deserve. Part of the fun with her is the mixture of contemporary English and the local Marathi language; helpful subtitles keep you viewing experience coherent.

Like all advice columns of this type, once the easy questions are done to death, you move on to the weird stuff like bestiality and fetish play. And that’s the root of my opening line: one of his over-the-transom question involved a man whose wife would pee a bit in the guest’s tea. He thought it was weird until he tried it, and…I’ll just have a large glass of ice water.

This film is presented as part of the 2018 Florida Film Festival.;

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