Ramen Heads

Ramen Heads

Ramen Heads

directed by Koki Shigeno

starring Osamu Tomita


In America, Ramen fuels broke college students. In Japan, it’s the closest thing to a national dish this side of sushi. Why? Because of fanatics like Osamu Tomita who spend every waking hour thinking about noodles and broth. The noodle shops are uniformly small and cluttered; 10 seats seems to the be the norm and it’s “order, pay and slurp.” What this film brings us is the logic behind Tomita’s desire for guests to “Slurp the hell out of my noodles.” Most of the film tracks the process as he makes his dipping-style thick broth ramen. Tomita rocks and you’ll love his nine-year-old son who wants to follow dear old dad, but he worries his tongue is too stupid for the job. Structurally, the documentary feels uneven and in need of some touch up, but that doesn’t diminish the joy of watching Raman boiled, served and consumed.

This film is part of the 2018 Florida Film Festival.

www.ramenheadsfilm.com/; www.floridafilmfestival.com

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