Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi

Super Hi-Fi

Blue and White

Very Special Records

There is always a place on my playlist for fun mutant Dub grooves. There is something about laying down a solid reggae or funk beat that can make the most experimental instrumental sound poppy. That is especially true in the case of Super Hi-Fi and their dual trombone front line. On the instrumental tunes, Super Hi-Fi throw jazz improv in a blender with Afrobeat, Dub with some punk and metal thrown in for seasoning. “Space Needle” opens with some thrashing guitars before being sucked down a Black Ark singularity of dubby riddims and echoed trombones. “Fergie” channels the Specials for a bit of skanking fun with a bit of Bob Wills creeping in just to keep things interesting.

“Hole in My Life” is the only tune not written by Super Hi-Fi. They take the tune through their dub transmogrifier and make it their own so the Police don’t have to worry. “Biking to Bushwick” ties up the whole package with a nice bow; the horns get to do their jazz thing, the rhythm section lays in a solid groove and someone at the mixing table messes with the whole thing. Yeah baby. Dub me silly.

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