Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish

directed by Pablo Bryant

starring Dwayne Booth

Editorial cartoons are a dying artform, but not for the lack of skilled practitioners. The self-named Mr. Fish is a clean cut, all American looking man with a wife and two darling daughters and an itch to call out injustice, hypocrisy and just plain stupidity. As you might expect, he’s not all that popular in many circles. Where he comes form is unclear and unimportant, but where he stands is clear and surprising.

He began sketching as a child and kept at it. Today his techniques range from quick sketch gags to elaborate pointillist art prints, and he seems capable of hitting any cartoonist’ style ever seen in The New Yorker. Politically, he calls out both sides and pokes viciously at both the Trump and Obama camps. Naturally, this endears him to no one and the down side is poor cash flow. His long-suffering wife struggles to keep things running, and we see some mommy / daddy meetings discussing the possibility of imminent eviction. He’s famous enough and win awards, but that’s no way to raise a family. Mr. Fish mixes fine art and finely-honed satire and make images that instantly explains all the subtleties of an issue without explicitly detailing a solution. He last principled man in America, and he deserves more recognition than this dying profession provides.;

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