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Sons Of Bill

Sons Of Bill

Oh God Ma’am

I’m a sucker for a melodic tune, gut-wrenching melodies, and artists that believe in the music that they play and sing. Virginia natives Sons of Bill crush that on their new album, Oh God Ma’am, with a sincerity that you not only hear, but feel. Whether exploring love and hope, the longing for the end of a workday, or exploring your own emotional depth, Sons of Bill have written something for everyone. The opening song, “Sweeter, Sadder, Farther”, is a deliberately paced tune with tragedy and passion built into the lyrics and music. The band says of the song, as it relates to love that “…the sentimental illusion of our memory perfects all things in hindsight-even (or perhaps especially) if it’s terrifying or tragic…”. It’s a weighty opening song but is a beautifully tragic example of the kind of attention to the craft of songwriting that you get with this album and these artists.

The balance of the songs have a mix of upbeat tempos and drum sounds that recall the gated reverb hits of the 1980s. They touch on familiarity in their sound but, the entire album is a surprise at each turn. I believe in their sincerity to the music, which will satisfy fans who have been waiting for new music since the 2014 album release, Love & Logic, and also garner new fans like myself. The brothers James, Sam, and Abe Wilson are accompanied by Sons of Bill alumni Todd Wellons on drums and the new addition of Joe Dickey on bass. There is also a beautiful guest vocal spot by Molly Parden on “Easier” that I would love to see them perform live when the inevitable late night talk show performance requests start rolling in.

I will even go so far as to say that I believe this album will secure them a spot on the SNL stage once the release date arrives. I loved this album so much that although I received a copy in advance to review, I pre-ordered the vinyl/cd package to help support this great band.

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