I Was Here

I Was Here

I Was Here

Winter Park Playhouse

And they ask: “Where are the powerful new voices arising from?” From this little stage, mostly, at least in Winter Park. Tay Anderson isn’t as well-known as some of the other WPPH regulars, but her popularity is growing as she pops up in new shows regularly. Tonight, it’s her turn to regale us with tales of middle school success and post graduate disappointment. It’s a common enough story, and she still admits to the willies when auditioning, but she’s found a strategy for success and that’s what counts. And she belts her material; every number came across loud and clear, even to my rock and roll trained ears. Opening with “Born in A Trunk” she quickly dashes off to meet “Arthur in the Afternoon” and finally demands “What’s New, Buenos Ares?” Tonight, her Spidey sense is finding that ONE good tune out of many a Broadway flop. Who even does Kander and Ebb’s “The Act” or “Brigadoon” these days? Dressed in solid black and accompanied by the doughty Chis Leavy, Ms. Anderson often blends in with the piano, but we never doubted she was there. The crowd was light; a mix of mid-summer doldrums and her still growing reputation led to a small but enthusiastic house. Look for her in upcoming productions; she has a long successful road ahead of her.


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