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The English Beat

The English Beat

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What ever happened to The English Beat? Why, they’re still alive and touring, and every bit as infectious a pop band as ever recorded. True, they split in 1983, and all the original members went on to projects like General Public and Fine Young Cannibals. Leader of the band Dave Wakling has done work on the Scooby Doo cartoon revival. Clearly, these guys had talent. I have no idea what number album Here We Go Love checks in as, but it’s a honey. The upbeat ska sound dominates, with the fast number “How Can You Stand There” opening the disc. Later we hear a heavier island beat in “Redemption Time” while “Killing Worked” leans into the headwinds of main stream rock with lyrics that might channel Jimmy Buffet. The cool thing about these tracks is they are all new, all solid and they never give off the desperation of a musician who’s lost his mojo with the passing of years. Dave Wakling may be writing backing tracks for a kid’s show, but on weekends he’s a fun as he ever was in the glory days of punk and ska. Good for him.

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