Clyde Cooper

Clyde Cooper

Clyde Cooper

directed by Peter Daskaloff

starring Jordi Vilasuso, Abigail Titmuss, Aria Sirvaitis, Isabella Racco, Richard Neil

Souvenir Films

A campy yet engaging noir-style “whodunit,” Clyde Cooper boasts a compelling story and an array of colorful characters – pimps and prostitutes, madames and mobsters, cops and criminals.

Based in northern California’s Silicon Valley, dashing, vape-addicted private detective, Clyde Cooper (Jordi Vilasuso) is hired to crack the case of a missing woman – an attractive “working girl” presumably named Nina (Aria Sirvaitis). And in the process, Cooper stumbles upon much more than he bargained for.

Written, directed and produced by Peter Daskaloff, the movie opens with all the gang-busting gusto of a pulse-racing porno flick. However, the plot develops quickly, and in short order, the substance of the story overshadows the film’s salacious backdrop.

Possessing an uncanny resemblance to the Train front man, Patrick Monahan, Vilasuso is an appealing onscreen presence. Oozing the mystique of Don Draper, his character is touted as not taking himself too seriously – neither does the story, which only adds to the movie’s entertainment factor.

Despite its “indie film” distinction, Clyde Copper delivers big-budget authenticity. While the dialog can often feel a bit contrived (even for the noir genre), the story’s tension is sufficient to keep ya gripped. And although her screen time is limited, the film could have benefited from more exposure to Every Heart, as her brief performance is intoxicating and her character, Bobbi, is bubbly, fresh and fun. Perhaps the sequel will embrace her further.

In sum, Clyde Cooper is quirky, suspense-filled, entertaining and brimming with beauties. The multi award-winning film will be released straight to video – DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

(Running time: 82 minutes / Not rated)

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