Sick Note

Sick Note

Sick Note

Starring: Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, Don Johnson


For years, I have greeted every downtrodden awkwardly hesitant British ginger on television with the query “is that grownup Ron Weasley?” and I have finally met my comeuppance.

Sick Note, in addition to Rupert Grint, stars Nick Frost and a hilariously over-Americanized Don Johnson, and though I have only seen one episode, I can tell it’s just the type of blackest-of-black dry English humor I happen to greatly enjoy. I came to the show with only the vaguest of recommendations (and I thank Netflix for making the show description type too small for me to bother reading across the room), so I’ll do you the favor of withholding any relevant plot points and just advise you to skip it if you feel there is nothing funny about cancer, ever.

Sick Note:

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