Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me

Christmas, It’s No Biggie

Damnably Records

I like Say Sue Me’s take on a Christmas record. They don’t trot out the warmed over classics everyone does and they avoid the sappiness that infects many attempts at new holiday tunes. There are four songs on this record that touch on the highs and lows of the season in fun and unexpected ways.

The title track gets things started with a surf rockabilly tune about being kind of indifferent to the season. Over a twangy, Duane Eddy inspired riff, Sumi Choi sings about how Christmas isn’t that big a deal in Busan, but there is still something nice about all the folks getting together and the feeling that she can be a better person.

“Too Expensive Christmas Tree” is am upbeat, swing instrumental. It’s a big rush of joy with a gentle jab at the folks spending big money for their perfect Christmas tree.

“Out of Bed” is a dreamy waltz tune about being cozy under the covers on a cold day. Still, it’s good to get out of bed and hang out with people for no reason other than enjoying each other’s company. “After This Winter” touches on the melancholy that can build up around holidays. So even if you’re not a Christmas person, get out of bed and go see some old friends. It’s no biggie.

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