100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die (2nd Edition)

100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die (2nd Edition)

100 Things to Do in Orlando Before You Die (2nd Edition)

by John Brown and Jon Busdeker

Reedy Press

I have a few things left to do before I die, but not all of them are in Orlando. Still, this handy guide for tourists and locals pointing up some interesting area attractions that don’t get much press. Each attraction gets a page with details like open times and tips that run along the lines of “Bring mosquito repellant,” “Get there early” and “Reservations required.” The activities come grouped along the lines “Food and Drink,” “Culture and History” and “Shopping and Fashion.” Yes, they are short, breathless and to a large extent pure boosterism, but I’ve been to most of them and if you have the right attitude, you really will have a good time.

If your here on a Disney package, you’re unlikely to go exploring on this level. The bars and restaurants are all local picks and even the I-drive recommendations tend toward the pick of the litter. Park Avenue and I-drive are places you might head for anyway if you live here, and Gatorland and Fun Spot advertise well enough. The strength of this book flows from the odd nooks and crannies of Central Florida: The Sanford pedal bar, boating the Dora canal, Monster truck tours, and the Blue Grass Jam in Ocoee are all fun destinations. And my absolute favorite? Baby Goat Yoga. How cannot do “Baby Goat Yoga”? There aren’t many things they missed: Snow White’s cottage near Samsula is the only cool place they fail to mention. You can do worse than this book: do one of these options a week, and soon you’ll know this area like a real estate agent.

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