A Few Bad Men

A Few Bad Men

A Few Bad Men


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Singer/songwriter Simon Paul Roy has quite a history in Australian music. He was a founding member of psychedelic rockers Bell Jar with Church guitarist Marty Willson-Piper and Ed Kuepper of punk pioneers the Saints. His latest project, A Few Bad Men, is rooted in the roots-tinged AOR of Tom Petty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Their latest single, “Train,” embodies Roy’s Americana leanings but the Australian perspective still beats underneath.

Set to sizzling, jangling riffs and bluesy, raspy vocals a la Tom Waits, “Train” captures the transcendent feeling of escape. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Roy has self-admittedly lived a Gypsy’s nomadic existence as “Train” celebrates that liberating feeling of constantly going forward and never looking in the rearview mirror. It also illustrates the wide-open spaces of the Australian outback. The track continues to build up steam with a smoking guitar solo.


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