Derek Menchan

Derek Menchan

Derek Menchan

The Griot Swings the Classics

Bluclok Records

Derek Menchan is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose artistic vision encompasses music past (Big Band) and present (urban). His voice is soothing and smooth, yet vibrant and energetic, with many praiseworthy features. In addition to that, he has a passion for timeless melodies and high quality productions.

His love for the classics shines through on his most recent collection of tunes, which reflects Menchan’s eclectic passions, from Gospel to R&B, while paying homage to the American Negro collection. One of the most amazing perks of Menchan’s music is definitely the fact that he managed to stay true to the vibes of the original songs he is performing, all the while bringing his own attitude to the project. I absolutely adore his rendition of “Girl from Ipanema” and it is really amazing to hear Menchan breathing new life into a timeless evergreen. “Since Jesus Came Into My Heart” is another great song, which delivers a plenty of warmth, peace and joy to this particular release. From Menchan’s vocal fluidity, to the world-class musicianship appearing on this record, anything is possible.

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