Melanie – For One Night Only

Melanie – For One Night Only

Melanie – For One Night Only

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Melanie was one of the first “single name female” rock vocalists. Her star peaked along with the hippie movement with hits like “Brand New Key.” She’s logged 38 albums in her career, with most of the charting ones in the early 1970’s. But she’s still active, and this concert film shows her working with her youngest son as accompanist and general traveling factotum. It’s a low-key concert, filled with personal anecdotes, gentle ballads, and a sense her motto is: “I’m a musician, and I work till I drop.”

This isn’t a rip-roarer of an album. The tone is low-key and intimate, but its an intimacy that has built over the years with her die-hard fans. Filmed in a medium sized theater, her sound is excellent although her vocal style is succumbing to age. Her son does a few classic instrumental items and while he’s good, he’s overwhelmed by his mother’s ancient reputation and his style doesn’t really jibe with hers. The concerts material is filled with interviews; she comes across as a pleasant dedicated artist happy with her continued ability to perform. The hippie movement is now as quaint as Luis the 16th, but it’s still a big part of our rock and roll heritage. I liked the show, but it’s a ticket to my past. Your results may vary, but you’re more than welcome to come along.

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