Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop

Ramen Shop

directed by Eric Khoo

Tsuyoshi Ihara, Seiko Matsuda, Takumi Saitoh

Culture battles and old war memories intersect as a young Kazuo (Ihara) visits Singapore to expand his ramen skills and reconnect with his family. His folks are dead, and he wonders why his grandmother kicked them out many years before. The problem lies in his grandparent’s war, and those sort of dagger wounds don’t heal easily, if ever.

The story drifts as slowly as the Mekong River, but we see the sights of Singapore and the joy of its multi-cultural food scene. From giant crab’s to ramen made by the truck load, it’s delicious little love story with a happy ending. It’s also a great travel ad for this high-tech town with its crazy quilt mix of cultures all aimed at making the best Curried Giant Crab with Raman Noodles possible.


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