Juramento Mantarraya

La Castanya / K Records

Aries is the name of the solo output of Spanish musician Isabel Fernández Reviriego. She’s been making music since she was a teenage living the Basque country. Besides playing with Charades and Delorean, Isabel writes soundtracks for PlayStation games. If that weren’t enough to set her apart from the crowd, she also sings on Cartoon Network’s show, Adventure Time. Fernández Reviriego has been performing as Aries (her astrological sign) since 2011. Juramento Mantarraya is Isabel’s fifth album as Aries.

As you might imagine from the voice of Princess Bubblegum, Juramento Mantarraya is a sugar rush of electro pop goodness. Isabel’s voice embodies a child-like innocence. Her voice floats over erratic, eccentric rhythms. I’d characterize the sounds on the record as atmospheres, full of textures suggesting idyllic summer days. Once again, I find myself at a disadvantage since all the songs are sung in Spanish, so I can’t indulge my love for clever word play. I assume that the words as much fun as the music. Sometimes being able to slip away to world that feels open and welcoming is more important than actually understanding. Let the blips, bloops, crackles and pops, along with that enchanting voice, make your day.


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