All The Way This, All The Way That

Color Red

Don’t worry folks. The Funk is alive and well. George Clinton may be retiring, but the Funkadelic Mothership will continue to fly with the current crew. Then you have the other folks holding down the low end. One of the most exciting is the Colorado native who calls himself Freekbass. Never mind if you haven’t heard any of his previous albums (I haven’t). All The Way This, All The Way That delivers a timeless blend of past and future funk.

The title of the CD refers to the way the album was created. The “All The Way That” songs were recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio. Working in the buckeye state, Freekbass was looking to channel some of the vibes of Ohio Players. The “All The Way This” portion of the album was concocted in Colorado in free-wheeling sessions recorded directly to a vintage Tascam 8 track recorder. Between the two sessions, Freekbass spans the retro and the future of sound.

“Fre3kronomoKon” gets down to a sci-fi groove with Bernie Worrell-inspired keyboard squiggles, a sold foundation and hip hop vocalization. And for the geeky prog-rock refugee, Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King” weaves in and out of the melody. “Steppin Outta Line” is on the same frequency as the P-Funk gang while “Thrust” feels closer to the Paisley Park sound. Playing spot the references doesn’t take anything away from the fun this crew is having looking to the past and pushing the sounds into the future

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