Kate Prascher

Kate Prascher

Kate Prascher

Bright Like This

Kate Prascher has just released her debut Americana EP, and it’s definitely bright.

In the opening track, “Wild Roses Are Blooming,” Prascher draws the listeners in with her stunning vocal performance. Her delicate and expressive singing is perfectly coupled with an emotive violin accompaniment. The poetic lyrical style of “Wild Roses Are Blooming” is reminiscent of iconic country artists such as Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams, to mention but two.

“Jericho Mill” is a slow-burning ballad with atmospheric folk flourishes. You can almost imagine Prascher weaving this visceral story around a silent campfire. What makes Prascher stand out in the industry is that her beautiful performances always have that intangible vintage feel. Evocative songs such as “Jericho Mill” truly transport the listener to a different time and world.

With melodious and dulcet tones, the title track finishes this EP off perfectly. The stunning lyrical composition in this song is reminiscent of folk artists like First Aid Kit and The Tallest Man On Earth. Prascher brings a similar authenticity and stirring power to her music as these artists. Listening to this EP is almost like traveling in a time machine to the land of cowboys and pioneers, and we might just stay there.


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