Mandy Kemp

Mandy Kemp

Mandy Kemp


Mandy Kemp is a talented singer with a rather unique approach to her creativity. Some jazz vocalists aim to entertain the audience, while others aim to connect with people on a much deeper level. Kemp certainly belongs to the latter category with her stunning voice and lush overtones.

This album stays true to its lively title, with its colorful, direct and dynamic tone. Kemp has a way with varying the range of her singing, and even more importantly, she has a knack for instilling the right amount of emotion. This is a fresh and upbeat record, with lovely arrangements that highlights the appeal of her voice. From Latin to pop to swing, the eclectic material brings out the finest in Kemp’s skills. The production by Jane Monheit is modern and crisp, allowing each element to really stand out.

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