Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross

Fierce and Non-Compliant

Singer/songwriter/producer Fiona Ross has a penchant for soulful vocals and emotional performances. She set out to carry the flame of classic jazz alive, and her sound echoes the tone of the greatest singers in the genre. On her stellar most recent studio album, she hits the mark with an astonishing level of quality when it comes to its production. This record captures the authentic vibes of the early jazz records we know and love, but it also has a fresh spark to it, giving a substantial amount of clarity to the record.

Ross has a beautifully dynamic voice, and she seems to be able to play off the instrumental’s nuances in order to really meld in with the ebb and flow of the music. Songs such as “I Followed My Heart” and the title track itself are actually perfect examples of what I am talking about as they stand out as two of my favorite tracks on this release.

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