Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets

Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets

Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets

Shake, Stomp and Stumble

Primal Beat Records

Greg Antista and his pals are long time veterans of the Orange County punk scene. They’ve been on the ground, grinding it out in the clubs and on the road with better known bands like Agent Orange and Social Distortion. Greg did time with Joyride, guitarist Jessica Kaczmarek played with The Busstop Hurricanes, Jorge Disguter played drums with the CoDependents while Warren Renfrow played bass with the Cadillac Tramps. The Lonely Streets pool years of experience to churn out punk infused roots rock tunes intended to induce ass shaking.

The tunes on Shake, Stomp and Stumble are tales of working class angst and hard times. “Goodnight Ramona” and “They Killed Lily Bell” have hooky choruses perfect for shouting along from a sweaty dance floor. The stand out track though is “U-Haul.” It’s the ultimate break up song. You can’t really plead your case that you didn’t mean it baby. There really isn’t anything left to say” when “she showed up with the cops and a U-Haul van.” Greg doesn’t place blame on anyone else, he doesn’t blame her for showing up with the cops and he just tells us what happened. It goes unstated that he fucked up and, even though he wishes it wasn’t true, she’s probably right to beat a retreat. “U-Haul” is a punkish classic with the soul of Hank Williams.

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