Sam Hankins

Sam Hankins

Sam Hankins

Do That Thang

Prodigee Records

Sam Hankins is a gifted trumpet player with a life-long passion for smooth jazz. When listening to his music, it is clear from the get-go that he puts a lot of emphasis in creating a smooth and lush sound, combining technical skills with an emotional twist. Recently, Sam Hankins just revealed a new studio album with has 12 songs filled with Sam’s inventive musicianship, as well as his magic trumpet phrasing. At times, his style is smooth and melodic, at others, it is vibrant and dynamic, giving the audience a more uplifting listening experience.

This dichotomy gives the album a bittersweet tone, with a lot of dynamics. From mellow and soft, to happy and energetic, there is a wide spectrum of emotions fueling this artist’s fantastic tracks! In addition to his amazing trumpet skills and arrangements, Sam knows how to surround himself with top-notch musicians, and as a result, this album is well-arranged in every way. Each song is a perfectly crafted listening experience with a unique feel.

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