Ellee Duke

Ellee Duke

Ellee Duke

Turn Your Phone Off

Ellee Duke is a talented singer and songwriter with a passion for catchy pop music. Her sound is incredibly dynamic and easy to relate to, blurring the lines between different styles, while still remaining anchored to the timeless appeal of pop. This is not easy to achieve, but for Duke the task is actually quite seamless, because her vocals are incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring. This release is yet another fantastic example of how she can reach into the heart of his listeners with her words and sounds.

The title of this song is quite daring in this day and age, especially when everyone seems so addicted to their mobile devices and tiny little screens! This beautiful track is indeed an invitation – a reminder to live life in the present moment, and take the time to be grounded in your true surroundings, rather than only living vicariously through what happens on your social media, and through the content that you can get from your cellphone. It’s time to turn it off and start connecting for real!


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