Jenn Vix

Jenn Vix

Jenn Vix


Umbrella Music Co.

This little EP snuck into my pile recently, and it’s an intriguing collection of low key, high concept tunes by an exceptional female vocalist. Ms. Vix hangs out in NYC and claims to work “trip hop” genera. Her backing sounds are electronic and spacey, her lyrics melodic with a slight sense of urgency and her voice dark and smokey. “In Your Sleep” reports “We won’t see the sun rise…” As to why remans mysterious: are they sleeping in ? Or just on their way out to the armegeddon?. “Ride” picks up the tempo to celebrate an old ritual of joy riding around in your cool car and looking for adventure and what ever comes her way. Ms. Vix has the keys and desired your company. I suggest you go with her, it seems like an adventure I’d be up for.

Lastly, I mention “Valentine.” Here we have a synthesizer and drum pieces with no lyrics, yet it rings with an 8-bit twinge of sound that shifts keys easily as you power up and get up to a new level of Jen Vix Awareness. Despite the lush arrangements and gripping vocal, Ms Vix keeps her album titles down to single digit numbers. I see it and minimal paper work for maximum musical joy.

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