Raphael Fusco

Raphael Fusco

Raphael Fusco


Raphael Fusco is a musician and composer with a passion for astonishing classical piano tones. His songwriting is highly focused on the dynamics of the music, giving the audience a cinematic listening experience, which is like watching a beautiful movie and getting lost in its nuances, in the beauty of every frame.

His most recent release is a project titled Remixed, which combines tasteful compositions with understated atmosphere. The release unfolds over the span of 50 minutes, and it features 18 songs. This means that listeners can enjoy a continual stream of beautiful music, creating a soothing and diverse atmosphere. The first 7 tracks are Raphael’s own spin on themes from Handel, while he also explores other influences, including arrangements originally meant for harpsichord and more. At the core of Fusco’s tone lies his mastery at the piano. In addition to that, I really love the way the piano was recorded. The sound is natural, direct, and it has such a huge dimension to it. It really feels like being in a large room in a 17th century building where people would gather and listen to musicians play, the sound spreading beautifully through those amazing halls. The reverb tone is bright yet it adds size and breadth to the piano. The stereo figure of the piano is also quite amazing, giving Raphael a fantastically diverse tone. It never feels like this is just a single instrument because Fusco is such a master at creating peaks and valleys with his dynamics. From the firm low end of his chords to the light and airy melodies of his highs, anything is possible and there is so much room for creativity and experiments even when the artist is following classic patterns and influences.

Fusco is all about making the most out of his compositions, even when it means to look at them under a completely different light. This is exactly what’s going on here. As a pianist, Fusco is the perfect example of what it is like to make the most with less. Each note is there for a reason, and there is a nice musical weight to every element of his composition. It feels like anything that he actually plays is there for a reason, and not solely for a need or a desire to add some ornamental material to his works. This release is just as good, capturing the nuances of each note and moment in Fusco’s beautiful songs.


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