Natasha Remi

Natasha Remi

Natasha Remi


California-based singer/songwriter Natasha Remi sounds so beautiful singing in the “Rain.” In this poignant single, Remi captures the piano balladry of Coldplay from a female perspective. Remi’s narrative is straightforward heartache, absent of pretension or attempts at cleverness. It all sounds pretty, especially the fragile soulfulness of Remi’s vocals. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Remi displays a higher range of musical ability than her pop peers. There is real talent here and not an empty vessel hidden beneath production sheen.

The piano playing is particularly good, capturing a crestfallen feel with some dynamic mood shifts. “Too many tears I have shed,” Remi laments. This is midnight sorrow with commercial appeal. Remi unveils tremendous potential, a young artist who is certainly worth looking out for. “Rain” is moving and bittersweet.

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