Blaine Sharp

Blaine Sharp

Blaine Sharp


The new album from vocalist Blaine Sharp is a stunning combination of jazz influences and upbeat melodies with a soul.

Sharp is a singer with a passion for timeless jazz vibes. His sound is direct, passionate and unapologetic, often blurring the lines between a wide range of styles and creative ideas. His most recent release has got a truly timeless tone. This release features seven new tracks, including tunes such as “A Journey to a Star” and “On a Slow Boat to China.” Each cut has something distinctive to offer, revealing a different side of his artistic personality and gifted showmanship.

In addition to that, Sharp’s vocals as a performer are expressive and nuanced. Not only is he able to express such an amazing degree of emotion, but he is also extremely technical, showcasing a high degree of control over his vocal range and dynamics.

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